Since the day of its inception, SMS World has been famous for using the most advanced and latest technology to provide its esteemed clients with most effective bulk SMS services. The aim is to make their marketing campaigns more fruitful and effective.

The integration of the HTTP API with our Bulk SMS services has been just one of our smart steps in this direction. The aim is that you are able to send and receive SMS directly from your website or Application.

SMS World’s Bulk SMS API is a very sophisticated platform for sending and receding text messages over mobile networks. Backed by JAVA computer programming language and Microsoft SQL Server database management system, it uses simple query parameters via Website URLs to send SMS in Bulk.

The advantage of using our BULK SMS API is that you can send more than 1000 SMS with just a single click. And it is the most fast, reliable and safest way to send and receive SMS in today’s world.

Benefits of Integrating our HTTP API with your App or Website

The Bulk SMS HTTP API of SMS World makes it easy to manage groups and individual contacts. You are able to send & receive messages, fetch delivery receipts, schedule your text messages and pull results from Surveys & mobile forms and much more.

As long as your Application is connected to the Internet, you can very easily send messages. To get started with, you have full code examples in multiple languages.

When you use our Bulk SMS API, you are able to send thousands of text messages per second, send group and individual messages along with full delivery receipts.

You can even schedule your SMS marketing campaigns. You can access the list of the messages you have scheduled and cancelled unwanted messages directly from the application or your website. Moreover, you can retrieve your inbox and get the list of messages you are looking for.

Bulk SMS HTTP API of SMS World makes managing contacts a task of left hand.  You can very easily create and delete contact groups or add contacts in bulk or individually.

Moreover, you can retrieve your SMS history, messages you texted through Messenger, Email to the API or to SMS.

If you need to retrieve a list of your surveys, you can integrate them into your own App or website with ease. Our HTTP API simplifies Account Management, Reseller Management and manages delivery reports without any hassle.

Why SMS World Bulk SMS HTTP API?

Be it our SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS Campaigning, SMS Short Code, Long codes or any other service, you will feel a difference after using our services We always believe in customizing our promotion strategy to make it suitable for all the industries.

We understand the needs of our clients of appropriate, smart and quick communication solutions for the promotion and growth of a business.

The sending and receiving of SMS’s become automated process when you integrate HTTP API with your App or Website.  You will be able to send reminders, alerts and other necessary info to your customers.

For example, if you have an e-commerce store, you can create a web based App and integrate it with our HTTP API and send SMS notification to your existing and potential customers all across the country.