Miss Call Alert Service Provider in India

Miss Call Alert Service Provider in India

The SMS world provides you missed call service to which your customers give a missed call. The number gets registered in your database, which is then forwarded to your clients to increase the chances of lead your targeted customer give you a call. The call lands in your automated system directly which rejects the call but captures the. Remember, this service is one of the easiest and the effective methods to boost your sales and the overall business. Our miss call notification service is an easy to use, fast and excellent in quality. Our professionals guide you through the numerous features of our miss call alert service just with the aim to increase your business share.

Miss call

You received hundreds of business calls on your phone during the day, but missed a call from an unknown number just because the cell phone was off or you were on another call and the person could not connect with you. Since you had not opted for the miss call alert on your phone, you were not alerted that someone actually tried to connect with you but unsuccessfully. And in the morning**** you came to know that it was the most important call of the day related to a business project. And you lost that project because the client couldn’t reach you so he selected some other company. Imagine! How shocking it could be for you. So it is something more than necessary in today’s world to make the missed call alert service part of your business. And when you activate miss call alert. This will be a very nice gesture with your customers, they will give you a missed call and you can then call from here. This will have a very nice impact on your existing and the potential customers. The popular Urdu phrase is “Muft kaa sharaab kazi nay be piya hay”.

Missed Call Alert Services Features :

  • Dedicated Number: Dedicated number will be provided to get missed calls from customers.
  • Validity: 1 month to 1 year validity.
  • Reports: Detailed missed call reports with timestamp can be fetched from your account.
  • Time Limitation: Missed call can be given 24×7.

You can use missed call alert service for following;

  • Lead Generation
  • Opt-in List Generation
  • Online Coupon Delivery
  • IMP Alert Subscription
  • User’s Registration
  • Information Pulling
  • Call Back Service
  • Cash on delivery (COD) verification
  • Customer Mobile Verification Service
  • Web user Registration Verification
  • E-commerce Mobile Validation
  • Opinion Poll Campaign
  • Live Voting Event
  • Live Event Feed
  • Consumer Survey
  • Client Feedback Report
  • Point of Sale Feed-Back