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Most reliable Bulk SMS Company In India

SMS World offers multiple SMS services to the businesses, individuals, schools colleges, banks, hospitals and other institutes in India.Our hundred percent safe and reliable Bulk SMS services are popular in the entire world.

A business can schedule its messages anytime, our automatic servers will ensure the delivery of SMS on time. You will get delivery reports at regular intervals. The SMS reports, we provide our customers are 100% genuine& accurate. With our Bulk SMS Services, you can send customized SMS text messages in multiple languages.

SMS World is the India's most elegantly designed Bulk SMS Company that provides customers multiple numbers of ser ices under a single roof. From sending SMS, receiving, sending automatic responses to Miss Call alerts on our hosted numbers you get access to hundreds of your services at your fingertips.

SMS World Bulk SMS Company has so far done SMS marketing for thousands of companies in India and abroad with hundred percent satisfactorily results every time. Oureffective marketing campaignshelp you build loyal customers who support you through thick and thin.

You can use our SMS marketing company services to engage your customers and drive your business to the path of success. Our SMS services gets your messages into the hands of right audience and helps you build your database. The opt –in- option provides you an opportunity to interact directly with your customers and get their feedbacks.

web sms


Send & receive text messages within your website browser. And Generate reports as well. No need to download or install any extra tool on Computer. It is Available for you anywhere, anytime.

sms api


Automate anybusiness with the SMS World comprehensive range of and SDKs and IPIs. There is full support for all the popular computer languages and Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party apps.

sms lng

SMS in India Language?

Interact with the audiences by sending them text messages in their native languages or in the languages they are very comfortable with.

2 way sms

2-Way SMS

2-way SMS service of SMS World enables you to interact with your existing, new and potential customers in real time. You can send text messages and also request to send their feedback on the devices they use.

smpp platform

SMPP Platform

SMPP Gateway of SMS World connects IT & telecommunications to enable you to empower your business with the help of an array of communication channels worldwide.

secure icon

Secure IP Messaging

You will be able to send encrypted messages from end to end with SMS World IP messaging solutions – Apt for all sensitive internal interactions.

Promotional or Transactional, Which SMS Route Should I Choose?

Select an SMS Route that best suits your needs whether it is just for Customer engagement or for the purpose of Bulk SMS Marketing. Go through the below-mentioned guidelines, it will help you get started.

Promotional SMS

The Promotional SMS Service is for Businesses who want to send offers and promotions to their existing and new customers. It is configured by default for all new accounts. The SMS are sent to opt-in and DND numbers only anytime between 9 am and 9 pm only. You can start your free trial anytime.

Transactional SMS

Transactional Route of SMS sending is just used for sending transactional Smses such as bank alerts and OTPs to registered users. You will have your own 6 character Sender ID (Ex: AM-JABONG) to send messages. You just need to create an account contact SMS World to configure it; you are not required to pay any setup cost for it.

Business SMS

SMS World Bulk SMS Company configures both Promotional and Transactional SMS routes for you, free of cost so that you can send any business SMS hassle-free! With platinum telecom partnership and intelligent routing technology, SMS World SMS gateway assures you best-in-class delivery rates for both Bulk SMS and SMS alerts.

Triple Guarantee

We are an SMS Marketing Company that onlybelieves in action than making promises. We’ve done it over 1 billion times for over 15,000 customers, in almost every conceivable industry. You get our exclusive 99.9% SMS Gateway uptime guarantee for total peace of mind.

Secure IP Messaging

Competitive Rates

competitive money

Get the most advanced and reliable SMS gateway with expertly tailored solutions to meet your needs and save you money. You’ll always get the right price and the best service.

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