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SMS World is a company based on the cloud telephony, designed just to leverage the power of virtual extensions and virtual exchange. To design multi-tier hosted IVR for your company our intelligent routing algorithm is the best of all available options in the market.

Since SMS World is a company based on the cloud telephony, we know the significance of communication means in the growth of a business. We provide you IVR services in India so that you are able to cater the needs of the international market.

Though this is not any new tool, the way it conceptualizes, categorize and customize SMS services that will surely give you a confidence that this tool is your utmost resource in the corporate world. Now you can configure any of your extensions on any of your mobile number.

Your clients can access your sales extension even if your sales force is on the move. Moreover, it is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly web-based interface that allows a client to both monitors and configures his/her inbound traffic in just a few mouse clicks. So avail our IVR services and greet your faithful customers with a recorded welcome message in a professional welcome message. Even if your business is small, it will make it look big. It is the greeting that often takes away our heart.

IVR Services SMS Features :

Music on hold

Unlimited Call detail record

Parallel/Round Robin


Request a call from a Business SMS

Welcome message

unlimited call forwarding

time bound routing

CRM integration (webhook)

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