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Become Dlt Sms Verified Entity As Per TRAI

Everything You Need To Know More About DLT Registration In India

DLT Registration Mandatory For SMS Services In India

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), telemarketers have to be registered in the DLT platform.

It is being issued in the public interest to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms. Earlier the bulk SMS providers were required to register with TRAI. With the updated rules, whoever wants to send promotional or transactional SMS to their customers needs to be DLT registered.

Steps To Register on DLT Platform

Entities not on the DLT platform may not be able to send messages

This includes details of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents like GST, PAN, TAN, CIN etc. The process has been designed for easy and quick completion. Your organisation will get a unique Entity ID.

Messages are classified into Transactional, Promotional, Service Implicit and Service Explicit. Entities need to register all their header on the platform. Every header gets a unique Sender ID (Header ID).

Once your template gets approve from DLT platform. Require all the approved template in Excel format, Kindly Email us all the approved templates as per given excel format. Email: info@mysmsworld.in

DLT Guideline Update as on October 11, 2020

Every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain ‘Brand Name(s)’ (Complete business name/brand name/trademark) in the content field. That have been registered so far, should be updated with ‘Brand Name(s)’ by October 31, 2020.

For Enterprise registration, request you to first start registration with DLT Operator Registration Fees is Rs. 5900/- and get a unique Entity Id from the Operator (This might take around 72 working hours to get approved) which should be used with All DLT operators.

DLT Operators List

You can register any of the below operators as principal Entity to get your Sender ID (headers), templates approved

Why DLT Registration is Mandatory

Distributed Ledger Technology is a Blockchain-based registration system that keeps track of transaction records transact between network participants. The platform is being issued in the public interest to control SMS spam from different marketing companies.

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