4 Ways Restaurants Use Texting to Boost Sales


In this age of modern technology and dependence on mobile services, it is estimates that more than 80% of all restaurant goers use their cell phones to search for a restaurant. More and more people use their mobile phones while they eat, to tweet about where they are, to text others about it and more. So, it seems only natural to use texting, as one of the key methods of boosting a restaurant’s sales. We at SMS World are known as a reliable bulk SMS provider in Bangalore and what better to use our services rather than texting all by your own. The current market is ripe for restaurants to adopt this channel of marketing their ideas and products to customers using SMS as the main medium.

Considering the amount of time all of today’s potential customers spend on their mobile phones, you should have no problem whatsoever in being able to reach them, anyplace. Using a bulk SMS service in Bangalore, if you can get to text message them, about anything particularly attractive or enticing about your restaurant, then you can most probably influence them to visit and increase your business.

Here are 4 such Ways that You Can Use to Boost your Sales via SMS or Texting:

  • Create Brand Awareness:

The most important thing that you can do as part of trying to increase your sales via texting is to try and spread information about your restaurant to would-be customers and others. You can easily do this by promoting your restaurant with promotional codes and special discounts you send them using bulk SMS in Bangalore. This will help create a buzz about your brand and also make others aware about it.

  • Make Reminders and Cancellations via SMS:

Another way you can gauge the customers you are receiving on a daily basis and also benchmark those who return or do turn up, is by setting appointments via SMS and also remind them about it using the same. This way, you can reduce the number of people who don’t show up for any bookings because of those automated SMS reminders and confirmations.

  • Make some Exclusive Deals:

Many restaurants formulate deals for attracting new customers so that more and more customers who fit in those deal-brackets keep visiting. Deals such as these can include restaurant offers, student deals, couples deals, buffet meals, etc. Doing this using bulk SMS Bangalore services will ensure that you see a lot of repeat customers and some new ones.

  • Promote your Restaurant’s Dishes:

Another way how these bulk SMSs can significantly boost the sales record of your restaurant is by texting your customers and potential ones about any new dish that your establishment is now serving. Regular updates related to this might help your brand become known in the societies and merit visits from those interested in trying your new dish.

We, at SMS World, understand how important it is to boost the sales and marketing revenues of your restaurant, and are positive that by using such methods, you can surely boost your sales via texting or SMS.