How to Promote a Product Launch with Mass Texting

Nowadays, it is estimated that a large percentage of the total population spend long hours browsing their mobile phones. They use the phone for various purposes and activities and as such, most of their attention during their free time is limited to their cell phones’ screens. There are a lot, who use mass text messaging to promote or launch any new product that has just arrived in their business. We, at SMS World encourage you to rely on us if you are looking for the best bulk SMS provider to help your product launch campaign perform successfully, garner enough publicity and attract new and old customers to your shop or business.

Mass texting, if done correctly using a bulk SMS API, can help ensure that your campaign for launching a new product goes down smoothly with your target audience. This is because you would want your subscribers to be influenced by what you have messaged them, and not simply ignore them or shrug it off. To that end, there are certain ways how this method of mass texting actually benefits and can promote your product’s launch.

3 Ways How Mass Texting can Promote a Product Launch and its Campaign

  • Make it Simple and Formal:

One aspect of using text messages to promote a product is that they should appear to be simple yet formal. By that, you should understand that if your message looks too complex or promotional, then the effect it can have on your audience diminishes drastically. Furthermore, you should make it formal in the sense that there are no abbreviations or slang language used. This will allow each consumer to immediately grasp your message, long enough to be influenced by it.

  • Offer Immediate Value or Incentives:

The text message that you are sending to each and every subscriber in your target audience should have some modicum of immediate value. This is certainly a step in the right direction since many customers expect to receive some real-time offers that can sweeten the deal for them. This also sets a tone for your audience as to why they should act now, while you’re explaining the aspects of your product to them.

  • Be Identifiable, be Distinguished:

There are a lot of instances where you may have or may lose a potential customer because they were not able to understand your brand or company in the message. Having a message that focuses a lot on the product and not enough on the company can be disastrous or counter-productive to the whole effort. Thus, every message you send using a bulk SMS API need should be designed in a way that makes it easy for your audience to distinguish, to identify you and your brand, instead of treating the message as spam.

Therefore, these are some of the ways how you can ensure that your product launch or campaign is a successful one, and ends up benefitting you in the way you intended it to. We, at SMS World assure you that as the best bulk SMS provider you can hire for this requirement, we will help you reach your target audience with ease and help you successfully promote your product.


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